Wednesday, September 23, 2009


You know sometimes I just need to stop and think before I speak or in this case hit send.

But I get so frusrated and angry that I really need to get it out, tonight i recieved notice that the hockey team was changing the teams again. I have 2 days to get 3 kids ready for ice time.. however, I have NO clue what time they play, where they play and who thier coaches are... Crazy huh?

So what will I do? I have asked my self that over and over all day. I finally got an answer, I emailed a very pointed letter to the director of coaching for the local hockey association requesting some explaination from him. I doubt I will get any replies I do hope I get some because I would love to know what the hell he is thinking.

I hate waiting, I cant be prepared if I dont know. How do I know if my kids have to be at the different arenas at the same time? How do I know what team they are playing for. and what do i expect? I expect to be called giving ample time to get on the ice without running around and being totally disorganized. I seriously think that this should have been done LONG before this. Hell they finished taking registrations Sept 4th! that is almost a month. But no they hold off on the drafts, at least make the teams, and assign potential coaching staff, etc and see how that goes instead they have to have the draft, every player is rated A, B or C. A and B players are given preference, over the rest of the players. C and New players are last picked. Kind of like a game of red rover. Thankfully for the kids sake these stats are not made evident during the game.. MOST THE TIME!

So i wait, I wait checking the messages, hoping to get that call. it wont happen. I will not hear fromt he coach until Friday night at 10 pm. and I will tell him The kids wont be playing we will come and pick up the jersey, but I need more notice to make arrangements for my other children and thier schedules. You should have contacted me before this!

Am i being mean? rude? I dont think so, I pay good money to have my children play hockey. I expect some kind of professionalism from volunteers,. I have done the registar position and am aware that team set up can be very daunting. However when it comes to organization its a different story. Last minute changes because of they have to accomodate people, I have not asked to be accomodated I did in the past and it was rejected. I have asked several times in fact and they were rejected, I had to have my son sit and watch his uncle, and play his cousin on several years

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