Thursday, September 24, 2009

How hard is it?

Sitting here fuming today! Things should not change. My dislike of change is becoming more evident as I get older.

This year, we finally as you read on one of my post got a team that was somewhat manageable for hockey. ONLY to find out about a change. Well , the politics in ALL house league games are more evident every year, they are more about what your last name is, how well you child plays and whose friends with whom. When a situation which would ease the burden on one family, is changed b ecause some idiot, wants his neighbors kid on his team, because they are friends over rids the determination of a player making ALL practices, and games due to scheduling conflicts.

I find this kind of behavior unbeleiveable. I find it offensive and I find it outright annoying!

So the League goes ahead saying Coaches are hand picking to many teams, and the Convenors will take care of the team building HOWEVER.. We will accomodate the Coaches/assistant coach ortrainers friends, then thier friends of friends etc.

I do not name drop,I try to avoid even using my maiden name due to the face people usually reference my older siblings or parents. HOWEVER feel MAYBE I should start using it, because this treatment is absoultely foolish!

It isnt even like I am asking an accomdation that requires alot of changes. I am asking the league to leave him on the same team he was orginally placed on! HOw hard is that?!?!

I am so very frustrated with this entire situation that switching leagues may be an option.
Should this not get resolved quickly.

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