Monday, December 21, 2009

What Christmas Means to me

To MY children.
There is so many things to say to you this year, first off... I love you I love you for being you. I love you for making me cry, I love you for making me proud, I love you for making me laugh I love for you for making me shake my head But most of all I love you because you are just enough for me.

You are 4 of the most complex people I have ever meet, You are determined, open minded, understanding compassionate loving, empathetic, sympathetic, warm, intelligent, I could go on for days. But the most important thing you have given me the gift no other person would be able to give me. You gave me yourselves.

I am proud of your accomplishments, your success, i am proud of the hockey games I cheered for you at, I am proud of you when you are smiling, i am proud when you have a friend in need, I am proud when you win terrific kids awards, I am proud that you are YOU.

Your future is going to be full of obstacles, hurdles, and difficult siutations but I know I know that you will be able to work through each one and give it your best shot. I also know you know when to come to me for help.

never hesitate to come to me and tell me you are in trouble, never forget I will support you and your decisions as you grow and mature you will be able to handle it but do not have to. I will help you,

I cherish each of you, I love each of you and I will always be here to support and understand you.

Friday, December 4, 2009

its been a while since I last posted. So a quick update.

Well husband is back to work. hes now a dispatcher. Working nights. What a great postion for him. it suits him well. He loves to tell people what to do, and give direction. his nature.

Precious Cargo are awesome! Spoke with PC1's principal and had a wonderful covnersation about how well he is adapting.
PC2 well she is the one I rarely worry about.. but worry more about. She is such a brillant child but sometimes she has a the street sense of a marshmellow. She tends to open her mouth and insert her foot, she will stand up for her beleifs, morals and values But doesnt understand that it has to be in the right time and place.
PC3 well hes been okay, we are battle his eczema and of course it went right to his chest. Arghh.
PC4 what to say about her. She is the sweetest child, she has a heart of gold and wears it on her sleeve. She came home from school this week and told me that one of her friends stuck her tounge out at her and was so upset that she was mad at her. But then she was okay, after some loving from Mom.
Me, I am busy with School COuncil work, getting ready for Christmas and trying to stay sane. But soon discovered that I prefer being lower on the sanity scale the cookies are better.
So that is our update!