Monday, December 21, 2009

What Christmas Means to me

To MY children.
There is so many things to say to you this year, first off... I love you I love you for being you. I love you for making me cry, I love you for making me proud, I love you for making me laugh I love for you for making me shake my head But most of all I love you because you are just enough for me.

You are 4 of the most complex people I have ever meet, You are determined, open minded, understanding compassionate loving, empathetic, sympathetic, warm, intelligent, I could go on for days. But the most important thing you have given me the gift no other person would be able to give me. You gave me yourselves.

I am proud of your accomplishments, your success, i am proud of the hockey games I cheered for you at, I am proud of you when you are smiling, i am proud when you have a friend in need, I am proud when you win terrific kids awards, I am proud that you are YOU.

Your future is going to be full of obstacles, hurdles, and difficult siutations but I know I know that you will be able to work through each one and give it your best shot. I also know you know when to come to me for help.

never hesitate to come to me and tell me you are in trouble, never forget I will support you and your decisions as you grow and mature you will be able to handle it but do not have to. I will help you,

I cherish each of you, I love each of you and I will always be here to support and understand you.

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