Saturday, November 14, 2009

What Type of Parent are you.

For ever, parents have always palyed good cop bad cop. Every parenting duo has two types of parents. The good cop, who rarely says no. ensures that the children get the Fun Stuff. . The Bad Cop is the discliplinary and has children do the work and the chores making sure that they have all the responsibilites taken care of before the FUN stuff. With our precious Cargos this is a tied position for my husband and I.

Being the "Bad cop" in our house is called the Lion. The Lion ensures that the chores are done, homework is done, everything is running smoothly. they correct any behavior that isnt appropriate etc.

Being the "Good Cop" in our is called the Gazelle. The gazelle ensures the fun stuff is ample, and lets them away with a bit more then normal, The gazelle is much more lienent then the lion and has boundaries but they are not as easily stressed as the Lions Boundaries.

My children have figured out which one of us is the gazelle and which one is the lion. The problem we have is that they have also figured out that there some things that Dad is more gazelle about then Mom, and vice versa. I admit sometimes I am a push over but in my defense Sometimes kids just need to be kids, they need to make it a little extra.

My husband will give in on things that I find more serious. he sweats the small stuff, when the poop hits the fan he is calm, cool and collected. I wish I could be that calm.

So this is where we draw the line. Both of us accept we have 4 weaknesses... Precious Cargos 1, 2, 3, and 4.