Sunday, September 27, 2009


In the 60's mucle cars were all the rage, Big, bulky and full of horse power. HOwever, cars back then were built for durability not comfort. The rigid plastic steering wheels, clunky gear shifts, big reving motors.

When Husbands father passed away, Husband inherited his fathers 1969 Acadian. THis car is still numbers matching. Nothing has been changed. Its orginal from the front bumper to the exhaust tip. It is my husbands baby.

Most recently the car has been in the driveway Much to husbands dismay, we just couldnt get it on the road this year. So it is has sat covered in the driveway, He starts it, and listens to it. He has said that there are times he has pulled in and seen his father sitting behind the wheel. Just watching. This is his connection to his Dad, and I refuse to let anyone take that from him. There is no amount that can do that for him.

Alot of people stop and look, some ask about the car, whats size of motor, what year etc. Then you get the very Stupid people who come and ask to buy it. They think that we would sell it.
One Saturday,husband left the house to grab coffee, the Preciosu Cargo were in the house and a couple came to the door. Now, you have to envision this. At this time we had a VERY aggressive and territorial dog, our Old Great Dane and a chi-Schunazer, This couple, opened the car door and were about to sit in the car, When PC1 said get away from the car, they advanced towards the door. However, were meet at the very closed and locked door by Winston, A german sheperd who earned his keep that day. PC 1 handled this situation with very cool head and wdas very repsonsible, he sent the other 3 kids to the back room where PC2 locked the door, The Old Lady, placed her self front of the kids, and I am sure if anyone got passed Winston things would have been bloody. The couple tried to come in to the house, and Winston bite, Yes the dog bit a human however he was protecting his "pack" Husband got home and dealt with the issue.

Since then we have had a few people come to the door asking about the car, and well I"ll be honest Im down right rude. I have lost all patience for this There is no for sale sign, there is no indication that the car is for sale and it is covered that should be a obvious indicator that it isnt going anywhere.

When we came home on Firday night we noticed that someone had removed the front part of the cover, that was when we decided we would remodel the garage to fit it in there. Enough is Enough!

The garage is a single car garage, with 2 large benches at the back. We will have to remove the benches, and reorganize the garage remove and getting rid of many items to fit the car in, However this is not a bad thing by any means. We have 3 cars, a pop up tent trailer and 4 Precious Cargo. Can you say Utter Choas? Our Driveway at times looks like an episode of cops, hence hiding the car will help us in more ways then one!

I will have to get some pics up of the old car and the garage. Its gonna be a tight fit but I am sure that it will work out well.

THought for today is If there is no FOR SALE SIGN The item is obviosuly not for sale!

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