Sunday, September 27, 2009

How better to spend a weekend!

SO it has started, Hockey is at least up and running, We had a very enjoyable weekend. Busy But it rocked.

Friday night I took the girls to the dance, and didnt get my cookie! I was sad. BUt PC2 gave me back 5 bucks that she didnt use! YAY!

Saturday we were up and out and at the arena bright and early. We had a wondeful time. Kids practice went well. They look fantastic. I am sure this will be a defining year for the boys.

Today, PC3 had a hockey practice, it went well. He really has an eye for that puck.Then we spent the rest of the day rearranging the house, John and I both have decided that we need to do somet hings different. You see we have a very disorganized house, so its time to get things where they are useable and easily accessible. We also have to make room in our garage for our old car. It is rotting in the driveway and that is not what we want. So we can fit the car in the garage if it is emptied. So that is our intentions, to empty out the garage.

Tomorrow is Keegan's First game. Im sure Ill be hoarse by the end of the game . I cant wait! PC2 is playing in the Girls league tomorrow night. Her first game, I am sure she is excited and nervous But she has a violent cold. I hope for her sake she is feeling better. Poor mite has laid around all day. I hate flu season.

Then Tuesday PC4 gets on her skates for the first time ever! I will definately be taking pictures of that one. Unfornately I forgot my camera on Saturday.

So tomorrow its a back to school day I plan on going to drop kids off at school and then, heading to Timmy's for some morning relief. Then I have to finish clearing the drywall off the south wall in the girls bedroom, If we can get it plasticed, and drywalled, I can start to paintI hope this gets done soon!

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