Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last First Skate..

Yesterday was an emotional one for me.

Everything has a first. The first baby, the first tooth, the first step, the first day of school. For us is the first time we relinquish our child to the hockey coach, or skate coach. Yesterday, I did just that. My baby Pc 4 had her first hockey game if you would call it that.

She started her day with a big smile and very excited. We all were so excited. She went to school asking when she would go to hockey. We told her that she had to come home from school then it was off to hockey. So after school when i picked her up after a quick trip to Poppa and Grandma M's house we got ready for skating.

So we get her dressed, get her pads on her, pants and a Ottawa Senators Jersey on the beautiful little munchkin. Off to the rink we go. We get there, get her jersey, and sign the waivers ( yes, we have to sign medical waivers)

We get her skates on, what a trick that is. So she is ready. I'm getting emotional I know it sounds foolish but this is my baby girl. I really want her to be happy and I really want her to do well. But at the same time, I don't want to let her go. So what do I do. I think even Husband was a bit emotional. Its the last one who will have their first game.

She gets on the ice, and like all parents we are OHH! OOPS !! Keeping their balance, Yay they are up they are up! we chant like Hindu monks .

Shes on the ice and during the hour she got the time to stand up and get used to staying up. she took her baby steps.

I am just so proud of her!

This morning her first words were, I played hockey! I did it Mommy! The pride in her voice, the smile on her face made it totally worth the entire experience.

I am just so proud!

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