Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Best Laid Plans

Sometimes the best kind of plans are not the best laid plans.

Lately, I have become very obsessed with planning, planning strategies that will help make life simpler.

One of my plans included the amalgamation of My 4 PC (Precious Cargo) in to one school. PC1 had been at this school for a couple of years and has thrived. So with all his set backs, and delays we thought how well the other 3 PC would do. Well what is good for one PC isn't always as good for another PC.

Within the first week, PC 3 and 4, returned to the original school. Where they have comfort, are able to be giving the chance to enjoy their career. PC4 is in a SK/1 split which suits her perfectly. and PC3 is in a 4/5 split with a remarkable teacher who has the patience of a saint!

However, PC2 has had a very long and drawn out September. Shes came home with stomach aches, headaches and lost interest in her home work. I remarked to my husband that something was wrong. He blew me off as a paranoid mother, whose way over protective. I knew I was so NOT wrong! I knew something was up. So, it came to a point where PC2 had been actively avoiding everything. Her friends, her homework, screaming and yelling, fighting with her Brothers. Then she got another "stomach ache" We asked her several times what was wrong. She said I don't feel well. I am sick, I cant talk about it. HELLO ALARMS GOING OFF IN MY HEAD!!! Staring at my husband, I asked him to speak to her. I knew what she wanted. I knew that she was feeling unsafe, uncomfortable but I wondered if he understood the serious damage this could do to a student who has been successful all along!

So after abruptly leaving PC 2 with her father to have a serious chat, I took PC 3 and 4 to school, Took a little detour to grab a cup of tea and came home. Walked in all I could stomach to say was "so?" Husband looked at me and said " make the call she is miserable and I wont let my belief in a different system damage her"I will say in my head i was doing cartwheels, hollering, jumping up and down. Thank you FINALLY he gets it I thought! I made that call.

My husband is a stern man, some call him a prick, I prefer to call him overly protective and set in his ways. He wants the best for our Precious Cargo. He wants them to know that he loves them, he will not let them suffer like he did in many ways. Sometimes it takes him a bit longer, hes a bit stricter and more staunch in his beliefs, To be honest very stubborn. Sometimes to he doesn't think until you actually say UMM DORK WAKE UP LOOK AROUND! Its only then that he realizes I am usually in the right.

Oh don't take it wrong, I am not always right ( just most the time) I tend to be very instinctual, where He is more practical and his thought pattern makes for rational decisions, I am more emotional which makes for irrantional decisions. Sometimes it works for him, sometimes for me. This time it worked in my favor.

So today, after taking PC 2 to her new school with her old classmates, her friends We walk across the tarmac and while talking with her teacher we find a line of 14 students waiting to go to class...
First they see me... Eyes go BIG.... Questions racing thier many minds. Then PC 3 walks around the corner. It was chaotic, there are screams, yelling, arms in the air, doors opening, other people peering out, more screaming, laughter, and even a few tears. Students PC 2 has been with since junior kindergarten are excited to see her, anxious to spend time with her. She feels like a celebrity... Then reality sets in This is no visit... More screaming, more jumping up and down. Sit here, NO sit with me... I looked at the poor teacher chuckled as she says, Ya could have warned me! lol

So after the reunion, class began, I quietly made my departure, letting PC 2 get her bearings with a gentle reminder straight home after school.

The thrill of being right isn't there. OK maybe a bit. But more so the calmness of knowing my PC are safe, happy and in a comfortable setting. She will do well I am sure.

So with a new school year there is also a new adventure waiting for each one of my precious cargo.. New friends, New schools and lots of confusion on my part.. I need a plan!

What Did I learn from this? Each of my Precious Cargo are unique. What is perfect for one isn't for another one, what makes them so different is they are nremarkably the same. This in a odd way is what makes them unique. It also taught me that sometimes, when planning things taking in to account silent indicators that show me there is a problem, and paying attention when my "Mommydar" kicks in.

So today, I sit in reflection and realize how much we all have to gain by considering all the options for the best laid plans.

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